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Mobile Car Repair

mobile car repair, Dublin - Smart CPR


We can come to you!

Smart CPR offers many high quality repair services. One of which is our mobile car repair service. Our mobile repair service enables us to deliver a high quality portable repair service that is convenient for you. We can come to you in our fully equipped mobile workshop and repair your minor car body damage on the same day. A bigger crash repair may take 24/48 hours to complete.

Mobile Scratch Repair:

We can repair minor accident damage to your car such as paint work scratches, scuffs and minor bodywork dents. Scratches are removed using our smart repair techniques. We keep the repair as local to the damaged area as possible, blending it in and machine polishing for that seamless finish.

Mobile Colour Matching:

Using the latest technology we can match your cars colour to the manufacturers exact specifications. Keeping the repair only to the damaged area, we eliminate the need to paint the whole panel, saving you time and money with no compromise on quality.

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