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Bumper Crash Repairs Gallery

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Before & After Photo Gallery Of Bumper Crash Repairs

Here at Smart CPR we can handle many different types of car crash repairs to car bumpers in both North Dublin and South Dublin. Below are some before and after pictures of both; bumper crash repairs and general bumper repair jobs we have done. Some of the car bumper repairs featured in the gallery include; bumper scratch repair, cracked plastic bumper repair, split bumper repair and bumper dent repair. Other repair jobs featured in this gallery are; minor crash damage repair (such as; rear wheel arch dent, car wing and door dent), plastic welding, and much more.

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Front Bumper Damage Repair

Before and after pictures of an Audi A4 with front bumper damage

Plastic Bumper Rear Dent

Before and after of a Silver Toyota Avensis rear plastic bumper dent repair job

Paint Work & Plastic Bumper Damage

Before and after of paint work damage to rear qtr panel and plastic bumper scratches

Rear Wheel Arch Dent

Before and after of dent repair job on rear wheel arch

Cracked Bumper

Before and after of a plastic weld repair job to cracked bumper

Car Wing & Door Dent

Before and after of a dent repair job to car wing and door on a BMW 1 series

Rear Cracked Plastic Bumper

Before and after of a minor crash repair to rear cracked plastic bumper

Welding Repair Job

Before and after of rear cracked plastic bumper of a Nissan Micra in need of plastic welding repair job

Split Plastic Bumper

Before and after of split plastic bumper after plastic welding job. It is now ready for a skim of filler to smooth out any bumps.

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