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Bumper Repair

Car Bumper Repair, Dublin

Bumper Repair Dublin

Smart CPR specialise in car bumper repair in Dublin (North and South) and other surrounding areas. If you have a cracked, warped, split, scratched or scuffed bumper, or, if your bumper has flaking paint get in touch.

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Before and after photos of a Smart CPR dented rear plastic bumper repair job on a Silver Toyota Avensis


Cracked,  Split, Scratched, Scuffed & Warped Bumper Repair

Cracked bumpers and split bumpers are repaired using specialist welding techniques, special flexible fillers, primer, paint and lacquer. This repair not only saves the bumper from being replaced, its also saves time and money compared with body shop costs. It’s also more environmentally friendly as there are no replacement parts to get rid of.

Black Textured Bumper Repair, Inserts & Trims

We repair black/grey textured bumpers, inserts and trims. Repairs to textured bumpers are carried out in the same way as a painted bumper repair. The difference is the paint used is a texture coat paint. The texture coat paint gives the bumper its original texture look back again. If the texture parts of your car’s bumper are looking a little discoloured we can re-coat them and have them looking like new again.

Bumper Paint Repair & Colour Coding

We have the latest colour matching technology. This allows our technicians to retrieve the manufacturers paint code from your car and, using the latest software, they can match any colour, to any car, worldwide.

Smart CPR’s service can be up to 50% cheaper than a bodyshop.

Traditional bodyshops will most likely look to replace the whole bumper. The reason for this; they simply can’t be bothered spending time fixing the damaged bumper when, fitting a new bumper, will bring them far more profit. So no matter what you have been told by a main dealer or bodyshop, it’s always worth giving us here at Smart CPR a call to find out if we can help save you money.

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