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Car Scratch Repair

Car Scratch Repair Dublin

Car Scratch Repair & Minor Bodywork Dents

Car Scratch Repair and Minor Bodywork Dents are two of Smart CPR’s specialities. We can repair car paint work scratches and minor bodywork dents at a location and time that suits you. In the past, all cosmetic car paint repairs and minor accident damage to vehicles had to be sent to a traditional body shop meaning you could be without your car for up to a week. We use the latest in car scratch repair techniques.

Our Services can be up to 50% cheaper than a body shop. All repairs are carried out to the highest of standards and are fully guaranteed.


Before and after photos of a Smart CPR paint work and a damaged plastic bumper repair job.


Light Scratches & More Obvious Paint Work Scratches

Light scratches that have only just slightly marked the clear coat can be polished out using the Smart Car Paint Repair correction service. This is ideal for the kind of light scratches your car picks up if you use an automated car wash and which show up in the sunlight on a bright day. We can also remove more obvious paint work scratches as well.

You know the scratches you may get when driving down tight back roads which have over hanging bushes and they rub off your car or bushes from your own garden. More common minor car paint work scratches can be caused from a dog jumping up at your car door. Majority of the time a simple machine polish can remove these scratches to a degree that they would not be visible from a distance of 2 / 3 feet away. This method can also have substantial financial savings as your are not paint any body panels.

Avail of Smart CPR’s Mobile Service

With our fully equipped mobile workshops we can repair minor accident damage to your car such as paint work scratches, scuffs and minor bodywork dents, at a location that suits you and on the same day. Scratches are removed using our smart repair techniques. We keep the repair as local to the damaged area as possible, blending it in and machine polishing for that seamless finish.

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