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Dent Repair

Car Dent Repair Dublin

Dent Repair

Smart CPR offer a quality dent repair service. Small dents in your car’s body are unsightly and they will also devalue it at the same time. Our dent repair service can restore your cars dented bodywork back to pristine condition. Our Smart CPR technicians have over 10 years experience in repairing dented car body work and panels.


Before and after photos of a Smart CPR rear wheel arch dent repair job


If your car does require dent repair Smart CPR offer a free no obligation estimate.

Most door dings, creases and hail damage do not actually have any paint damage to begin with. So if there is no paint work damage there is no need to paint the panel. This is where PDR comes into its own. PDR is a process that reforms metal back to its original condition, without affecting the paint finish. The factory finish remains intact whilst the vehicle remains structurally sound.


Minor Scratch & Dent Repairs

Complex dents where access to the reverse of the car panel is unavailable or where the car dent is creased or crushed require pulling and filling before re-spraying the damaged area. Smart CPR use specialist tools to bind to the dented panel and pull it back towards its original form. The dented body area can then be filled and re-sprayed returning your car body work back to pristine condition.

Accidental Dents, Scratches & Bumper Damage

All car owners know how annoying it is to take a trip to the supermarket, park your car and return to find scratches and a dent on your car bodywork. Another common problem is that parking spaces are getting smaller, making parking more difficult. With the addition of concrete pillars it is a recipe for car damage. The most common car body damage that we see from this situation is plastic bumper damage, dents and scratches to wings, doors and quarter panels. In most cases Smart CPR can repair and repaint this damage to original condition. Unfortunately to leave this damage can lead to rust and decrease the value of your car.

It is important to remember that your car can be the second biggest investment you make in your life.Taking care of the dents and scratches on your car bodywork will increase its value and stop the dreaded rust setting in. Most car buyers will base their decision on a visual inspection. Having your car in pristine condition shows the car was looked after.

Paint Matching

At Smart CPR we use the latest colour matching technology to ensure that every repair blends seamlessly into the original cars paint work.

    • High quality finish
    • Cost effective
    • Convenient mobile repair – pick your location and a time to suit*
    • ATA accredited repair technicians

Smart CPR Dent Repair

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