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Sprayless Scratch Repair

Sprayless Scratch Repair, Dublin

What is Sprayless Scratch Repair?

Sprayless scratch repair (SSR) is a unique patented product and process that allows us to cosmetically repair scrapes, scuffs, scratches and stone chips to a cars paint work. We don’t know if many people are aware of the fact that, vehicle manufactures recommend a viewing distance of car paint work from between 1 and 2 meters. Just so you know, 90% of sprayless scratch repairs (SSR) become virtually undetectable at a one meter viewing distance.

How SSR (Sprayless Scratch Repair) Works

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– SSR is lighting fast

SSR will allow us to repair a totally peppered bonnet in around 20 to 30 minutes, individual scratches in 2 to 10 minutes and complete cars with scratches on every panel “the complete walk around” in an hour or two depending on the damage and of course the size of the car. It goes without saying 4×4’s take longer than Ford Fiestas’.

– SSR Is Guaranteed

SSR paint repairs are guaranteed not to fall out, wash off or even power-wash out. We offer a 4 year guarantee to our customers.

– Will SSR work on deep scratches?

SSR will put paint in the scratch. How good the repair is will have a number of dependencies, such as, how deep and wide the scratch is and how long we have to spend on the repair. We will always do our best to repair the scratch. In a nutshell, SSR will repair about 80% of minor scratches.

– Is SSR suitable for my silver vehicle?

SSR is fine on silver. We will certainly have to be pretty close with the colour, but yes, SSR will repair silver and again, the results will depend on the width and depth of the damage.

– Can you repair my white vehicle?

Yes we can repair scratches and chips on white vehicles. We take extra special care to make sure the scratch or chip is meticulously clean and then work on the base of the damage.


So, although SSR is not perfect, it has stood the test of time and proven to be perfectly acceptable to both trade and retail customers in more than 17 countries. So if you are working on a tight budget SSR just might be the answer.

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