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Paintwork, Dent & Bumper Damage Repair Videos

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Paintwork, Dent & Bumper Damage Repair Videos

Below are selection of Smart CPR repair videos that feature repair jobs such as:
bumper damage repair, paint work repair, minor crash repair, dent repair and car body repair

Damaged Rear Bumper

Mazda 6 which had received minor damage to the rear corner of the bumper.

Repair method:
  • All damaged areas were sanded out until flush with the rest of the bumper.
  • Two coats of primer were applied and allowed to bake.
  • The primer was then sanded smooth to give a seamless finish and prepared for paint.
  • After several coats of paint and two coats for lacquer the repair was complete.

Bumper Scuff Repair

Honda Fit with damage to the rear bumper.

Repair method:

  • Scratches had to be sanded out completely.
  • They were then primed, painted and lacquered.

Minor Crash Damage

Opel Astra which had minor crash damage to the rear passenger door and quarter panel.

Repair method:

Because the dent on the quarter panel was fairly deep we had to weld pins to the panel and pull it back into shape.

Damaged Rear Bumper

Toyota Avensis that had a bumper scuff on the rear corner.

Cracked Plastic Bumper

Renault Laguna with a cracked plastic bumper.

Repair method:

We used a plastic weld with fine wire mesh to bond the crack back together and to add strength.

Dent Repair

Minor dent and paint work scratches repair to the rear passenger door of a red VW pool.

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