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Bumper Damage, Car Dent & Car Paintwork Repair Videos

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Bumper Damage, Car Dent & Car Paintwork Repair Videos

Below are selection of Smart CPR repair videos that feature repair jobs such as: car paintwork repair, bumper damage repair, minor crash repair, dent repair and car body repair

Paint Work Scratches

2016 Mercedes CLA with paint work scratches to the rear passenger door.

Repair method:

  • The scratches had to be sanded out
  • They were then primed, painted and lacquered to ensure a seamless finish.

Bumper Dent

Renault Fluence with a dent on the rear plastic bumper.

Here at Smart Car Paint Repair we can heat and reshape a dented plastic bumper back to it’s original shape. A main dealer would probably tell you that the bumper needs to be replaced. But with a bit of care and time we can repair the bumper back to it’s pre-accident condition.

Smart CPR is a fully mobile operation.

Plastic Bumper Repair

2012 Renault Fluence which required a minor bumper repair.

Repair method:

  • As you can see from the video the bumper corner was covered in small deep scratches.
  • All these scratches had to be sanded and fill to give a smooth finish.
  • After this primer, paint and lacquer was applied. The finish was outstanding.

Paint Repair

Renault Fluence that had received some minor scratches to the front wing and a small dent.

Repair method:

  • All damaged areas were sanded out.
  • After sanding we applied a small coat of filler to give the surface its smooth finish again.
  • Two coats of primer where applied, baked and sanded out.
  • Several coats of paint were then applied followed by two coats of lacquer.
  • The area was then sanded and polished. The customer was extremely happy with the end result.

Crash Damage Repair

The rear quarter panel and back passenger door had deep scratches and where also dented.

Repair method:

We used glue tabs to pull the dents on but they still required a small fill to make sure the panels where completely smooth.

Textured Bumper Repair

Repair method:

This 1998 Ford Ka had seen better days. The bumpers were originally black textured but over time had faded to a white colour. This made the car look very old.

We were able repaint the bumpers with our special texture coat paint which returned the bumpers to their former glory.

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