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Paintwork, Bumper Damage & Car Dent Repair Videos

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Paintwork, Bumper Damage & Car Dent Repair Videos

Below are a selection of Smart CPR detailing our car dent repair, bumper repair, car scratch repair, minor crash repair, paintwork repair and car body repair services.

Minor Crash / Dent Repair

Minor car bodywork damage to the rear quarter panel and passenger door.

Repair method:

  • We managed to get the dents nearly out with our dent removal equipment.
  • A small coat of filler was applied to smooth out any small imperfections on the panels.
  • We then applied 2 coats for primer.
  • This was then baked and sanded out.
  • Paint and lacquer were then applied. The final finish was beautiful.

Plastic Welding Bumper Repair

In this video we have a bumper that had been caught on a low pillar. This caused the plastic bumper to stretch out of shape.

Repair method:

  • We had to make an incision in the bumper to re-leave the pressure.
  • After that Philip was them able to begin welding the mesh into the bumper. This is done to give the bumper back it’s strength.
  • After the mesh is melted into the bumper we then melt a layer of plastic over the mesh so that it is fully covered.
  • A thin layer of filler is then applied over the whole area.
  • The filler is then sanded back to a smooth finish.
  • After sanding 2 coats of primer are applied and also sanded back.
  • Then paint and lacquer are applied to give the bumper back it’s beautiful shine. Have a look through our Gallery for more plastic bumper repairs and much more.

Car Body Repairs

Audi A4 that had been hit by a runaway trolley on the driver side wing. The trolley left a nasty dent in the cars bodywork. But, as we have said many times, car body repairs is what we do. Jobs like this one take between 4/5 hours. As you can see from the video the end result was beautiful. Our customer was extremely happy.

Cracked Or Split Bumper

Audi TT with a completely cracked front bumper. Our customer was told that he would have to replace the bumper which would have been very expensive. So instead of replacing the bumper he called us here at Smart CPR. This is what makes our job so rewarding. As you can see from the video the job turned out amazingly well. To say our customer was happy would be an understatement. Enjoy the video.

Plastic Bumper Repair

2008 Mercedes CLS in Silver that required our plastic bumper repair service.

Repair method:

The plastic bumper on this CLS was actually cracked. We have a special resin that we use on bumpers to bridge small gaps. The resin is extremely strong and keeps cost down as it means there is no need for plastic welding.

As you can see from the video the paint match was 100%, the finish was perfect and most importantly our customer was over the moon with the repair. We here at Smart Car Paint Repair Dublin are experts at all kinds of bumper repair.

Repairing All Types!

In case you were wondering if we only do certain makes of cars we just wanted to let you know that we do all makes and models of cars. Lamborghini, Hyundai, Audi, BMW, VW, Fiat…. We can match thousands of colours on site using the most up to date paint software on the market. So from plastic bumper scratches, minor car bodywork dents, wheel arch scratches, damaged wing mirrors, minor car crash repairs and much more.

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